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Islas Marietas Tour

Tropical and subtropical at different times of year climate provides ideal natural conditions for nesting of several species of sea birds, both resident and migratory. You can see varieties of gulls and terns nesting in large numbers in late winter in the margins of the islands.

The marine sanctuary of Islas Marietas, is the nesting and feeding ground of Blue-footed and Brown Boobies, species that can be found year-round. Some potential additional species include Elegant, Royal and Caspian Terns; Black-vented Shearwater; and, with some luck, Red-billed Tropicbird and Black Storm-Petrel.

There are also some species of birds that do not nest on the islands, yet use the waters that surround them as places to eat, some of them are coastal, such as blue herons, heron golden finger and tricolor heron, while others are pelagic, ie, living much of his life at sea, as the red-billed tropic bird (Phaethon aethereus Mesonauta) and black storm petrel (Oceanodroma melania).

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