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Birding San Pancho - About Us
Birding San Pancho is a company created by a young Mexican family. Our principles are based on earth and community-friendly living. Birding San Pancho embraces the San Pancho Birding Club, which is an educational program for the local community.

The San Pancho Birding club is dedicated to provide environmental education and training on birds and nature for local children and youth in the village ofSan Francisco (San Pancho), Nayarit and surrounding area.



Luis Morales with his wife Wendy Pasco and their  two children arrived to San Pancho in the summer of 2007 with a vision and dream to start “an open and inclusive community birdwatching project that included localsas well as foreign residents as well from all ages and paths of life”




Very soon after, their dream and idea gave birth to the San Pancho Birding club which has offer the service of bird-watching education and training to the locals and residents in San Pancho and the surrounding villages, helping to educate people about local birds and nature.






Since its conception the Birding club has had the opportunity to work with some local San Pancho teenagers and children educating them on birds and nature. He has also collaborated with the elementary school in Sayulita, which has helped get the word out about the club. "I want to open the club up to anyone in San Pancho and the surrounding area so they can learn about the birds and so I can learn from them about their expertise on birds, trees, and nature in general." 




One important duty the San Pancho Birding club does is to provide a record of the migratory flow of birds in the area to governmental authorities for conservation and environmental services. The club is also putting together a library of bird and nature sounds with professional equipment..




The birding club is always looking for new members to share the joy of  feeling and learning about nature together. San Pancho residents can become part  the club by participating in the tours or enquiring about a membership directly with Luis. You can also donate books or binoculars, or even stories of your own experiences in bird watching or submit any questions to Luis directly to learn more about the birds you are hearing or seeing in your backyard.


Please contact Luis Morales to find out more about possible ways to participate and contribute to the San Pancho Birding club